Library of Technical Poultry Papers

Here you can find original technical poultry papers written by leading figures in the poultry industry, we hope they will be of interest to you and your colleagues.

Many, but not all, are written by members of BVPA. We are grateful to the authors for permission to include this material here.

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The Keith Gooderham Waterfowl Lecture

Below is a list of papers that have been presented at the Keith Gooderham Lectures

The control of major viral diseases of geese and ducks
Author: Vilmos Palya     Subject:Virology     Year: 2010
Key points of duck nutrition
Author: Dan Shafer     Subject:Nutrition     Year: 2009
The past, present and future of duck breeding
Author: Frederic Grimaud     Subject:Breeding     Year: 2008
The inaugural Keith Gooderham waterfowl lecture
Author: Keith Gooderham     Subject:Waterfowl     Year: 2007

Other papers

Deaths in Finches and Sparrows
Author: Tom Pennycott    Subject: Wild Birds    Year: 2007
Antimicrobial sensitivity patterns of UK chicken E.coli isolates
Author: David Burch    Subject: E.coli    Year: 2000
Turkey Rhinotracheitis in the Field: Field Situation and Control
Author: Mark Pattison    Subject: Pneumovirus    Year: 1998
A Review of Avian Pneumovirus
Author: Steven Clark    Subject: Pneumovirus    Year: 1998
Diagnosis, Management and Control of Avian Pneumovirus Infection in Broiler Parents
Author: Paul McMullin    Subject: Pneumovirus    Year: 1998