Meeting of the British Veterinary Poultry Association

Our main meeting and AGM is usually held over a 2-3 day period in March/April. The second meeting is held over a 2 day period, usually in November. A one-day summer meeting is usually held in June at a Research Institute or similar venue.

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Upcoming meetings

Dates of the next BVPA meetings

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Previous meetings

Listing of the last 20 BVPA meetings

Date, Venue & Subject
Webinar - Avian Influenza Update
22nd Dec - 22nd Dec 2021 – Webinar
Education and Communication
18th Nov - 19th Nov 2021 – Webinar
Turkey Diseases & Management: Recent Advances
16th Sep 2021 – Webinar
UK 2020-21 HPAI outbreak: overview, lessons identified & future perspectives
14th Jul - 14th Jul 2021 – Webinar
Keith Gooderham Memorial Waterfowl Lecture – Waterfowl Medicine
16th Jun 2021 – Webinar Meeting
Management and prevention of injurious pecking
18th Mar 2021 – Webinar Meeting
Managing The Incidence Of Ruptured Tendons In Our Broiler Breeder Flocks
27th Jan 2021 – Online
Virtual Meeting – Winter
26th Nov - 27th Nov 2020 – Wyboston Lakes

17th Jun 2020 – Virtual Webinar
Pipping to processing
12th Mar - 13th Mar 2020 – Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate
Emerging poultry welfare issues
21st Nov - 22nd Nov 2019 – Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nutraceuticals to support health
13th Jun 2019 – Alltech, Stamford
Progress and Politics in Protozoa
14th Mar - 15th Mar 2019 – Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate
Innovations & Zoonoses
22nd Nov - 23rd Nov 2018 – Jury's Inn, East Midlands Airport
Immunosuppressive Viruses - an update
21st Jun 2018 – Boehringer Ingelheim, Bracknell
The effects of Brexit on the Poultry Industry
15th Mar - 16th Mar 2018 – Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate
WVPAC - Edinburgh
4th Sep - 8th Sep 2017 – WVPAC - Edinburgh
Coping with a reduced antibiotic landscape
21st Jun 2017 – Eli Lilly Research & Development, Windlesham
New and Emerging Diseases
23rd Mar - 24th Mar 2017 – Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate
Winter 2016 - Joint meeting with Pig Veterinary Society
10th Nov - 11th Nov 2016 – Edinburgh, Scotland