Edinburgh to host World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Congress 2017

23rd September 2013

The British Veterinary Poultry Association (BVPA) are proud to announce the hosting of the WVPA Congress 2017 following a successful bid at the WVPA 2013 Congress held in Nantes, France which was held 19th -23rd August.

The bid was led, presented and won by the UK team comprising Chairman Philip Hammond of Crowshall Veterinary Services supported by BVPA President Keith Warner, BVPA Senior Vice President Alan Pearson, BVPA Junior Vice President David Welchman, BVPA Treasurer Helen Houghton and Chairman of the Houghton Trust, Prof Richard (Dick) Jones.

During the bureau meeting held on the 19th August 2013 the UK competed against strong bids from Budapest, Hungary and Verona, Italy. The UK team fully embraced the spirit of Scotland by dressing in full Scottish costume and provided a comprehensive bid presentation confirming that Edinburgh was an opportunity not to be missed. Phil Hammond explained that 2017 would indeed be a unique year with the culmination of crucial milestones, the 1st WVPA Congress to be held in Scotland, the 45TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR OF THE WVPA JOURNAL AVIAN PATHOLOGY, the DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY YEAR OF BVPA and the SILVER ANNIVERSARY YEAR OF THE HOUGHTON TRUST.

Phil Hammond explained that this would be a congress for everybody - poultry research scientists, industry and practitioners with the congress theme focusing on the rich poultry science research history of the UK.
Remembering past roots,
exploring current challenges,
developing future solutions.

It is expected that the congress will attract delegate numbers in excess of 1200 visiting Edinburgh from over 70 countries joining together to explore the past, share the present and helping to forge the future of poultry veterinary science.

The event will be held 3rd-8th September 2017 and kick off at the world-renowned Edinburgh Castle which will include a unique viewing of the Crown Jewels. The events Gala dinner is to be held at the National Museum of Scotland.

Prof Dick Jones, the Scientific convenor, will be supported by a world recognised team comprising Professor Janet Bradbury, Professor Pete Kaiser, Professor Stewart McNulty, Professor Dave Cavanagh and Paul McMullin. A diverse programme is to be developed including tackling subjects such as food safety, antibiotic resistance, animal welfare and developments in technology.

Picture from left to right,
Alan Pearson, Philip Hammond, Helen Houghton, Keith Warner, David Welchman, Prof Dick Jones

Download a PDF of the bid here