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Introduction to the BVPA

The British Veterinary Poultry Association (BVPA) was founded in 1956 and is an active non-territorial division of the British Veterinary Association. Its membership is open to poultry veterinarians and scientists working with poultry. BVPA celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2006.

The objective of the BVPA is to further the knowledge of its members, who are drawn from academia, research, commerce and practice, by holding educational and technical meetings. This is achieved by holding three meetings (winter, spring and summer) a year.


Applicable to UK veterinary students, UK students studying veterinary medicine abroad or international students studying veterinary medicine in the UK.

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Latest News

Keith Gooderham

Published: 12th December 2019

It is with great regret that BVPA must inform you that Keith Gooderham sadly passed away peacefully yesterday at Addenbrookes Hospital, after being taken ill at the weekend.


BVPA - Mycoplasma management in gamebird - version 2

Published: 19th March 2019

The BVPA gamebird Mycoplasma project has confirmed that Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG) plays a central role in respiratory disease in pheasants and partridges.


BVPA - Mycoplamsa management in gamebirds

Published: 28th January 2019

The BVPA working group recommendations for Mycoplasma management in gamebirds - December 2018.


Newcastle Disease in Belgium

Published: 23rd July 2018

Newcastle Disease in Belgium Since April this year, Belgium has reported 11 cases of Newcastle disease in hobby poultry (including in a hobby dealers premises) and 2 in commercial flocks in east and west Flanders (more details on the individual cases can be found in the report presented to the Commission on 13th July - one week before the second outbreak in a commercial flock).